[Photograph: Kristelle Delorme]
[Photograph: Kristelle Delorme]

Based on the short story Vermine (Mushi) written by Japanese author Edogawa Ranpo, the show tells the story of Masaki Aizô, an eccentric misanthrope who falls for a famous actress to the point of obsession. After he murders her in a fit of madness, he decides to keep and preserve the body using various means.

Déviation Théâtre explores the theme of violence in its many forms (physical, psychological, or sexual). Created using striking images from the story, the cinematic-inspired aesthetic presents bodies in motion and video projections revealing the character’s subconscious. The visuals and sound seek to reveal the disturbing, dismal side of the story that mirrors the character’s vulnerability.

Double feature with Bébés Fontaine.

Show in French.