Bébés Fontaine

Marie-Ève Groulx / Collectif Tôle

Tôle [Photograph: Maryse Boyce]
Tôle [Photograph: Maryse Boyce]

Bébés Fontaine celebrates the work of Brigitte Fontaine. Enter the Salon des Bébés, Bébés of Brigitte Fontaine. Let them seduce you, make your head spin, or give you the finger. Listen as they tell you about cigarettes, pearls, and terracotta. Slowly, the poetry will take effect. Slowly, Brigitte will leave her mark.

In this installation by visual artist Geneviève Grenier, three performers lend body and voice to the world of Brigitte Fontaine. Texts, songs, and memories shape the legacy of a whole new species. A poetic ode to the imaginary and anticonformist.

Bébés Fontaine was first presented at the 2017 Home Run festival. It was voted Best Show for the festival’s 3rd edition, earning a spot in Festival SOIR’s summer 2017 lineup.

Double feature with Vermine.

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