Eclectic Rialto

Fanfare Pourpour [Photograph: Pierre Crépô]
Fanfare Pourpour [Photograph: Pierre Crépô]

10 hours of happening on the Rialto’s 4 stages with nearly sixty artists ranging from 13 to 67 years old. From 2 pm to 10 pm, continuous performances in different rooms of the Rialto. Performance, dance, theatre, modern puppetry, magic, projections, music, digital arts, etc.

10 pm — Concert: Fanfare Pourpour

Ariana Pirela Sánchez, Manos de Mujer (dance, performance). An utterly feminine solo that highlights the importance, presence, and strength of women in matriarchal societies, as well as the political and economic discrimination they face.

Claude Périard, Kim-Sanh Châu, François Pedneault, Terrains vagues (electroacoustic music, live video, dance). A journey through three imaginary places: White Beach, Darkroom, and Grey Zone. The performance evokes a stark contrast between our origins (water) and the current era of hyper-technology.

Collectif BUS 123, Babel-o-drome (street theatre, choral singing, multimedia). A walking play that explores the relationship between fiction and reality, language, identity, and communication.

Coral Short, Fake Orgasm Choir (performance, choral singing). This choir might seem ordinary until they open their mouths. Instead of singing notes, performers produce sounds replicating orgasm and use whispers, moans, and screams to express new erotic futures.

Ève Pharand-Décarie, Project Ion (dance, music, projections). Inspired by Loïe Fuller and her Serpentine dance, this physically demanding performance speaks to the idea of a transformation, a journey, an inner revolution.

Fanfare Pourpour (music). With its large family of 19 musicians, Fanfare Pourpour invites you to step off the beaten path and delight in a spirit of freedom, creation, and celebration.

Guillaume Vallée, Sarah Seené, Hazy Montagne Mystique, Me Float, Les 4 phrases de la lune (poetry, music, projections). A sensory project brought to life with the help of analog audio, psychedelic images, and poetry. Experience the whirlwind intensity of the storm as it plays on loop.

Guy Sioui Durand, Alanienouidet: de retour (performance, theatre). In 1826, the British Shakespearean actor Edmund Kean was made honorary chief of the Huron-Wendat, receiving the name Alanienouidet.

Iris Richert, Mylène Guay, Khimaira (modern puppetry, mask). An encounter between puppets; a work of research/creation featuring puppetry and transhumanism.

Julie Desrosiers, Dissection (performance, projections, mask, modern puppetry). A tableau vivant that unfolds in a small, multidimensional space. It is an alliance between the human body and puppet body that exposes the body’s weather patterns: what lives inside us, moves through us, or upends us.

Laurence Petitpas, Vita Brevis (modern puppetry, audio and video art). Theatre performed for two spectators at a time. In her living room, a grandmother looks back on her life, her memory fragmented and spotty. As she reminisces, the décor around her is altered.

Lost & Found Puppet Co., Wolf Tea (modern puppetry, performance, shadow theatre, projections, mask). Animals, humans, and dreams: a dreamlike performance that speaks to the fantastic of everyday life.

Pascale Drevillon, Genderf*cker (performance). This four-hour performance acts as a research laboratory on masculine and feminine archetypes, gender neutrality, and the fluidity and plurality of the human gender. No pictures. Cellphones must be on airport mode and put away. The intimate nature of the show requires spectators to stay for at least one hour to avoid foot traffic. 13 and up.

Pleurer Dans’ Douche, Stabat Pater (theatre, modern puppetry). Inspired by Thunderbirds, a television program that made a lasting impression on Mélodie Noël Rousseau’s father in his youth, this tribute lovingly brings out the beauty of Parkinson’s disease: an illness that, day by day, pushes its victims closer to the edge of paralysis.

Tonatiuh le magicien (magic). Tonatiuh, a 13-year-old magician, has been practicing the art of illusion for the past three years. A performance featuring close-up and sleight-of-hand techniques, with card and coin tricks sure to fool even the most sceptical spectators!

Toxique Trottoir, Le ciel rue (street theatre, movement theatre, clown). Three women of another era, travellers in search of something, walk the streets and drink from the sky. Surreal and offbeat, a silent poem for the whole family.

Valise Théâtre, Tout blanc tout chaud (modern puppetry, object theatre, collage, projections, music). A performance in free space where artists create images showing the joy and suffering newcomers experience as they integrate into a new society.

Performances in French and English