Au royaume de Kekeland

Collectif Tôle, Le Bien-être Social Club

[Image: Luc Beauchemin, Caroline Hayeur]
[Image: Luc Beauchemin, Caroline Hayeur]

In French

First act

Bébés Fontaine — Collectif Tôle

Three performers offer body and voice to the world of Brigitte Fontaine, a world made tangible by visual artist Geneviève Grenier. A collection of texts, songs and other memories create the legacy of a newly-formed species: the Bébés Fontaine. A poetic ode to the imaginary and to anti-conformism.

Second act

À la Brigitte Fontaine — Le Bien-être Social Club

A tribute to Brigitte Fontaine’s career spanning from the 1960s to today, featuring the rebel icon’s most militant, compelling and angry songs. Le Bien-être Social Club brings together a disparate set of universal (im)personalities who have been presenting the work of Brigitte Fontaine onstage for the past three years.

  • Collectif Tôle

    Ideation, assembly and direction: Marie-Ève Groulx

    Scenography: Geneviève Grenier

    Performance: Catherine-Audrey Lachapelle, Élisabeth Tremblay and Geneviève Labelle

    Collaborators: Renaud C. Jobin Delaquis and Maxime Brillon

    Le Bien-être Social Club

    Ideation: Édith Michelle

    House band: Daniel Fontaine, Michaël Fontaine, Tob Fontaine, Chantal Fontaine Christiane Fontaine, Mario Fontaine

    Featuring: Sylvain Fontaine, Christiane Fontaine, Frank Fontaine, Freddy Fontaine, Fred Fontaine, Aurelia Fontaine, Isabelle Fontaine, Marie-Paule Fontaine, Jacques Jr Fontaine, Marie Fontaine, Marie-Pierre Fontaine, Manuelle Fontaine, Guillaume Fontaine, etc.