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Lucie Bazzo

[Photograph: Lucie Bazzo]
[Photograph: Lucie Bazzo]
  • Thursday, October 6 to Tuesday, 11, 2022 16h00 – 21h00
    4844, boulevard Saint-Laurent
    Montréal (Québec)
    • Exhibit

Artist will be present

The idea to photograph Montréal’s convenience stores came to me at the beginning of the pandemic, when residents were limited to walking or riding their bicycles outside. My eyes were immediately drawn to the light of the convenience stores, like beacons in the night. Armed with my phone, I roamed the streets of my neighborhood before extending my pilgrimage across the whole of Montréal. I focused on small neighborhood stores and avoided big chains, taking an almost anthropological approach to these testaments of daily life. The photos are printed on plexiglass and backlit, reminiscent of a window to the outside.