The apocalypse in your bedroom

James Knott

Performance avec projections

This award-winning, self-mythologized facade of a rock show incorporates life-sized video projection, original music, gestural choreography and build on-the-go stage props that coalesce into a black-box style theatrical spectacle, exploring the elusive and complex nature of queer identity.

With a reliance on the grimy mustard-coloured lights of 70s glam rock aesthetics, the protagonist travels their mental collapse in a dark night of the soul, searching for purpose in a world that doesn’t care to be purposeful. Rejection leads to wishes on a star, deals with the devil, broken promises, and packing up to leave with no intention of return…

Blazers and boxers are the perfect attire to watch the gaping hole in the sky swallow everything in its path, leaving behind the ghost of glitter’s past.