Collectif Beats

Beats [Photograph: Maxyme G Delisle]
Beats [Photograph: Maxyme G Delisle]

Three women are busy on stage. They plug in, place, test. Who does what? The line between their actions is blurred. Everything is accelerating: in a passive and organic world, we experience a subtle escalation, which then reveals a much more organized and digital world. Then, stillness. A beating heart. A pulsing light is activated, synchronized.

BEATS brings together contemporary dance, visual projections and sound creation. The use of interactive components establishes a dialogue, a mode of communication between the different parties. Through a connected stethoscope and an interactive “baton”, the movement danced on stage influences the visuals. These parameters then influence movements, which in turn influence sound, and so on in an exploratory creative loop between the limits of each discipline.

In this 50 minutes interactive multimedia performance, a universe emerges in which dance, music and visuals initiate a shared vocabulary, and the role of each is further defined even as it influences the other. Constantly exploring the edge / pushing the boundaries between disciplines, the work plays on the notion of contrasts as the basis of a universal territory. The viewer is immersed in a transdisciplinary artistic experience with a raw aesthetic within which the subtlety of each intervention — whether it emerges from a body, the shared space or sound — functions as both a surprise and a return to familiar territory.