The Indecent Cabaret

Collectif NU.E.S


The Indecent Cabaret by Collectif NU.E.S is an immersive walking show composed of several erotic performances and sketches. Themes addressed during this incursion into the collective’s queer and engaged eros are the beauty and diversity of bodies, power games, kink, physical pleasure and sex work.

Inspired by the Collective’s indecent sketches, the artists have selected a few excerpts from their repertoire so that you can explore and celebrate the diversity of eroticism alongside them. With this cabaret, contemporary art meets the art of underground queer and sex-positive communities, bringing together the intimate and the political. It is a positive and empowering take on eroticism, a fascinating vector and a reminder of our ability to feel alive: our erotic knowledge empowers us (Lorde, 1984, p.5 7).

Warning: nudity.