En survolant la mer Égée

Baobab — Création multidisciplinaire


Flying Over the Aegean Sea is a solo performance set in space that questions the mechanisms of domination in the contemporary context, created from a text composed of several hundred questions. One performer confronts the audience alone, searching for solutions to keep her head above water through the stream of questions—at times funny, at times nihilistic—that make up her private world. But as the performer poses questions, her body becomes increasingly weighed down by a harness made of stones and ropes. The project both reveals and denounces the mechanisms that unknowingly pervade our lives. The relationship between performer and audience is quickly established, owing to the quadrifrontal nature of the space. For its part, the text helps orient thoughts and confront value systems in an aesthetic reminiscent of gladiatorial arenas or the agoras of Antiquity.

Flying Over the Aegean Sea is a stone that makes waves, a gust of wind in our flowerbeds that summons the audience and pushes them to question the impact our existence has on the lives of the marginalized.