Spoken word, poetry, performance, music… and a sense of history!

Winter has been a little crazy the last seven years, and Les Filles électriques is definitely responsible for a few degrees of intensity! Since 2002, Montreal has been plugged into the Festival Voix d’Amériques (FVA) celebrating performance text, spoken word and the risk of language. This year, the FVA runs February 1 to 8, the seventh edition of this electrifying production by Les Filles électriques.

Moving between the Sala Rossa and the Casa del Popolo, with one incursion to Ex‑Centris, this 7th FVA brings together more than 100 artists, in English and French, to perform for playful audiences in a relaxed and festive atmosphere. We have a special treat for Montreal this year in our guest of honour, New York poet John Giorno, who has been a leading figure in performance poetry for more than 50 years! John Giorno will perform on three consecutive nights – solo, with francophone poets, and with anglophone poets.

As you all know, the FVA headquarters are at the Sala Rossa and the Casa del Popolo, but we also like alliances – especially if they’re risky. Thanks to an invitation from Ex‑Centris, we are finally able to give Montreal audiences the chance to see La Salle des pas perdus, a multidisciplinary show we’ve presented only once before, at the Berlin Poetry Festival last June. Meanwhile, the tradition of mainstage shows at the Sala continues all week. And the FVA favourites are back! Well on its way to becoming a cult classic, the Combat contre la langue de bois returns for Round Four, giving a dozen well known guests a chance to say what’s on their minds (in French). And Body and Soul 5 will carry on its mission of presenting outrageous women likely to cause a commotion.

Along with the classics, the FVA is always about the new! Jérôme Minière in an intimate and unexpected show where he will finally tell us… the truth about trees! And to cap it all off, a Dada Cabaret – hysteric queer whacky insolent unbelievable. Our ticket prices are unbelievable too, at $12 to $15. Down with reason, up with extravagance!

And of course the FVA always makes room for new voices. Besides the daily 5 à 7 shows (free!), we are once again hosting the Night Shift, our popular late-night cabaret with an open Mic. Every evening, starting at 11 pm at the Casa, the statuesque Michel Vézina and his musical partners Philippe Brault and Guido del Fabbro will welcome established performers (the opening act) before turning the mic over to emerging artists.