7 parade blocks for the 2nd Phenomenal Parade

Drum roll please… ta-da! Here are the 7 themes for the parade blocks of the 2nd Phenomenal Parade! You are sure to find something for all style and tastes. By revealing our themes 5 months in advance, we’re giving you ample time to design and make your costumes, invite your friends, get a group together and take part in the event as the main characters of the party. This is YOUR parade: a community-oriented and poetic parade. We hope you enjoy such a rare occasion to experience the atmosphere of the Carnaval of Venice, Rio or Mardi Gras… while staying in tune with the spirit of Phenomena in the streets of Montréal. All of this with the blessing of our Mile End Fairy, Patsy Van Roost!

· Birds — hues of blue and violet

Birds Facebook group
Birds Pinterest board

· Steampunk — hues of black and bronze

Steampunk Facebook group
Steampunk Pinterest group

· Flowers — hues of red and pink

Flowers Facebook group
Flowers Pinterest board

· Walking museum — all colors

Walking museum Facebook group
Walking museum Pinterest board

· Spirit of the forest — hues of green and brown

Spirit of the forest Facebook group
Spirit of the forest Pinterest board

· Imaginary animals — all colors

Imaginary animals Facebook group
Imaginary animals Pinterest board

· Celestial bodies — yellow and silver

Celestial bodies Facebook group
Celestial bodies Pinterest board

WHEN: Saturday October 5th, 2019, in the afternoon (postponed to the following day in case of rain)
WHERE: On the streets of Mile End
Free event

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