Le Band de poètes

Le Band de poètes is composed of Quebec poets José Acquelin, D. Kimm, Geneviève Letarte and Guy Marchamps, who are accompanied by guitarist Bernard Falaise and bassist Normand Guilbeault.

The poets perform their own texts and songs to the band’s musical accompaniment. They also accompany the musicians and their fellow poets throughout the show. José Acquelin plays guitar and percussion, D. Kimm the accordion and musical boxes, Geneviève Letarte performs vocals and percussion, while Guy Marchamps assists on drum and harmonica. The result is a show full of excitement, humour and energy.

The group was formed in March 2001 by D. Kimm with the aim of presenting its music and poetry both in Canada and internationally. The group has toured in Quebec, and in 2003 it was acclaimed at the International Book Fair of Guadalajara (Mexico), where Quebec culture and artists were featured.

The Band de poètes’ first CD was recorded live in September 2004 and was released in February 2005 at the Festival voix d’Amériques.

The album is a beautiful mix of voice and music, poetry and song. It has been expertly mixed and packaged by its record label, Monsieur Fauteux m’entendez-vous?

The Band de poètes is produced by Les Filles électriques, a non-profit organization which presents spoken word events, namely the annual eight-day Festival Voix d’Amériques, directed by D. Kimm.