Bullshit Threshold

In Bullshit Threshold, Marie Davidson is alone on stage with her instruments and is filmed by different infrared cameras. These images are modified in real time by John Londono and Gonzalo Soldi, becoming at times hyper realist and psychedelic. These embodied and moving texts by Davidson as well as her rhythmic music are echoed by the cinematographic images of Londono/Soldi. The piece intimately explores different topics, amongst them human relations, night life drama, the abyss within, introspection… and the terror of a stay at the hospital! The audience is invited to dive into an intimate journal distilled with humour and a dab of sarcasm.

This poetic and theatrical project is a way for Marie Davidson to explore new dimensions in her work, including her work with visual elements. A first version of the show was presented at Phenomena Festival 2016 and at SONAR Festival, Barcelona, in 2017. The second version was presented at La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines in 2018.

Creation team

  • Texts, music and performance: Marie Davidson
  • Video projections: John Londono, Gonzalo Soldi (Hub Studio)
  • Produced by Les Filles électriques