Cabaret Dada

Cabaret DADA Phénomena II
Artistic direction — D. Kimm

Phenomena Festival is once more organizing a second DADA Cabaret. It’s impossible to resist the desire to spread the word of DADA in and around the Gamelin Gardens. Join us for a beautiful summer evening, free admittance! Because DADA is generosity, DADA is exuberance, DADA is impertinence. To shake things up, we’ve invited interdisciplinary and undisciplined artists. You will witness the eternal woman in all her states of being, a queer tribute to barbers, a deconstruction of white privilege in all its ugly shades, mother and daughter contortionists, an environmental activist in revolutionary satire and two loonie ladies with a love for the ukulele. Come experience the spirit of Phenomena, come feel DADA.

MC’d by the one-of-a-kind Stéphane Crête, with the complicity of explosive musician Nicolas Letarte-Bersianik.

With Alexis O’Hara, Nathalie Derome, Soizick Hébert et Marie-Hélène Côté, Mykalle Bielinski, Jacqueline van de Geer, Pleurer Dans’ Douche, Cirquantique.

Produced by Les Filles électriques and Phenomena Festival