Phenomenal Parade

A poetic, participatory and community-based parade on the streets of Mile End

Extravagant, community-based and non-commercial, the Phenomenal Parade is a biannual event, as well as a public and artistic occupation of public space. The Parade’s goal is to offer a grand, creative, colorful and vibrant event to the public — one that is inclusive and open to the participation of all.

The 2nd edition of the Phenomenal Parade will take place Saturday October 5th, 2019, in the afternoon (postponed to the following day in case of rain) on the streets of Mile End. The Parade will wrap up with a musical show for all ages. The festivity will include street artists and marching bands, community organizations and citizen groups, all dressed up in costumes that fit the colors and themes of this 2nd edition:

  • Birds: hues of blue and violet
  • Flowers: hues of red and pink
  • Spirit of the forest: hues of green and brown
  • Steampunk: hues of black and bronze
  • Celestial bodies: hues of yellow and silver
  • Walking museum: all colors
  • Imaginary animals: all colors

This year, Phenomena Festival has once again partnered up with Urban Fairy Patsy Van Roost to invite citizens to be at the core of the event by joining one of our thematic parade blocks. Community-based organizations, coops and associations will also be taking part in the event. The Phenomenal Parade offers an artistic platform for socially-engaged organizations by inviting them to a moment of poetic and subversive folly. Through a couple of costume-and-accessory-making workshops, participating organizations will explore the creativity of their members within a framework of sharing and togetherness.

Are you interested in participating in the Parade? Here is what you can do to be a part of the event:

As a group

If you are a member of an organization, an association, a community group or a CO-OP that is interested in taking part in one the thematic parade blocks, send us a message at Send us a description of the organization, the expected number of participants, and the contact information.

As a citizen

Would you like to dress up in a costume and parade down the streets with us on October 5th? Sign up by filling out this form in order to discover the different ways of participating in the Parade, be it alone, with family, friends or neighbors. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and sign up to receive Les Filles électriques’s newsletter. We will be sharing costume-and-accessory making tutorials, as well as inspiring images for costume creations, on our Facebook groups (one group per thematic block) and on our Pinterest page. Whether you are a Mile End or Montréal resident, or you’re simply passing through town, everyone is invited to take part in this unique and poetic event!

As a volunteer

Are you interested in being part of the dream team making sure the 2019 Phenomenal Parade runs smoothly? We are looking for resourceful, versatile and energetic volunteers to help out with a variety of tasks. Sign up by filling out this form and we will contact you thereafter.


  • Saturday October 5th, 2019, in the afternoon (postponed to the following day in case of rain)
  • Distance from start to finish: 1 km
  • Music show for all ages at the gathering point
  • Free event for all ages, communities and abilities