How I learned to talk with birds

Miss Mouche is terribly awkward with humans, so she prefers to talk to her friends the birds.

She has always wanted to fly, and in preparation is now following a training regimen at the gym. Between migration, courtship, and even some animated pink flamingos, we become fond of Miss Mouche, who is not afraid to mimic and tap-dance to communicate her passion for her little winged friends.

D. Kimm is a great storyteller who excels at connecting with the public. The projected images provide this sweet, poetic show with a sense of visual splendor. The performance focuses on interpersonal differences and communication difficulties.

Creation team

  • Concept, text, staging & interpretation: D. Kimm
  • Music: Guido Del Fabbro
  • Lighting: Lucie Bazzo
  • Video projections: Allison Moore
  • Costumes & accessories: Lucie Bazzo, Maude Audet, Erica Schmitz, Nicole Villiger, Catherine Fournier-Poirier
  • Dramaturgical counsel: Jasmine Dubé, Simon Boulerice
  • Outside eye: Danielle Lecourtois, Hélène Langevin, Yves Dagenais