Francine Alepin

Accomplice to artists of diverse artistic milieus (literature, visual and media arts, music, dance), Francine Alepin participates in performances that interrogate the metissage of common forms. Actor and mime, she has dedicated herself to corporal theatre for more than twenty-five years. Her uninterrupted career has led her to play more than sixty roles of varied aesthetics, from the classic repertoire to contemporary works. She has written and staged many works that travel both throughout Quebec and abroad: La baronne et la truie (The baroness and the sow), de Michael Mackenzie, Transeuntes (Barcelona), Emma Haché’s L’intimité (Intimacy), Latitudes croisées (Crossed latitudes), a France-Mexico-Quebec international work, and two solo gesturals, Éphéméride and La Glaneuse de gestes (The Gleaner of Gestures) . She is professor of play and mime at the École supérieure de théâtre at UQÀM and at Omnibus. Nomadic artist, she teaches and works in Spain, France, in Mexico, led by her confirmed passion for the anthropology of gesture.

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