Thierry Arnaud

Born in 1962 in Lyon, France, Thierry Arnaud studied under Marcel Marceau at the International School of Mimodrama in Paris. He studied International Visual Theater (IVT) and won several international mime competitions (Switzerland, France, Quebec, USA, Belgium). Pivoting to the cinema, his career as an actor took off in 1985 (ENS Louis Lumière). He completed internships for various film companies in Lyon, occupying all positions (lighting assistant, camera assistant, cameraman).

An actor for over 28 years, he performed at Lyon’s Théâtre des Sourds in plays by Molière (Le Bourgeois gentilhomme, The Miser, Tartuffe) and Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet), then at the Cégep du Vieux Montréal in Michel Tremblay’s En pièces detachées and Eugène Ionesco’s Jeux de Massacre. He has performed for the Théâtre Visuel des Sourds de Montréal (TVSM) and in Rochester, New York as part of the National Deaf Poetry Performance and Flying Words Project.

He left France for Quebec in 1988 and, after studying film at the Université de Montréal, he had the opportunity to travel to other places and share his passion for the moving image. He directed several documentaries as well as a few short films and TV shows. He both produced and directed La Parole en Main, a Vidéotron program that produced content related to the deaf. He has worked on sets alongside director of photography André Turpin and directors Marie-Julie Dallaire, Gilles Carles, Alain Chartrand and Michel Moreau.

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