Photo: Sophie Bernier

Patrick Brisebois

Patrick Brisebois was born in Verdun, grew up on the South Shore, and has lived on the Plateau for years but is now thinking of moving to Quebec City or Baie-Saint-Paul. He is thirty-two years old and still has all his hair. He never finished cegep. He has never kept a job more than four months. He lives day to day. He has published two novels, Que jeunesse trépasse (1999) and Trépanés (2000); a volume of poetry, Carcasses au crépuscule (2002); and a story, Chant pour enfants morts, all at Éditions de L'Effet Pourpre. He is presently working on a collection of short texts (poems, short stories, essays) that will be entitled Nymphomanes dans le formol. In life, he likes women, music that no one ever listens to, alcohol in spite of himself, literature that gets you in the gut and anything that gives a bit of hope.

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