Dynamo Coleoptera

Kitch, like a swivelling egg. Frightening, like a carousel at twilight. Destructive, like a monster romping over buildings. Melancholy, like an lone martian. Their music defies definition — like a ray of light iridescent with anaemic hues — at the busy crossroads of Japanese and Quebecois culture. The members of this power-duo are Maya Kuroki on electric guitar, vocals, keyboards and theatrics, and François Girouard, who, without stopping on the drums, integrates many more instruments (keyboard, bass guitar, percussion, soundscapes, musical saw, invented instruments, etc.). Joining the band live is the wonderful dancer/performer Tomomo Morimoto. Their musical shows are more akin to multidisciplinary performances than traditional concerts. It is defined as experimental pop-rock in Japanese, and includes unbridled theatrical performances, video and slide projections, costumes, masks and magic. The lyrics and music of each song transport us into a world imprinted with poetry, lyricism and surrealist fantasy… The story of a queen and of her army, who are the hair of her own beard, the crazy adventure of a man following, in his dream, a spinning egg, the complaints of a woman who unveils her own peeled-off face, the story of a phantom cat-queen who gives birth to all the beings and hides herself in a hive-ish castle…

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