Photo: Pierre Crépô

Fanfare Pourpour

Luzio Altobelli, Lou Babin, Marie-Soleil Bélanger, Guillaume Bourque, Guido Del Fabbro, Jean Derome, Jacques Duguay, Normand Guilbeault, Roy Hübler, Nicolas Letarte-Bersianik, Stéphane Ménard, Damián Nisenson, Pierre Emmanuel Poizat, Luc Proulx, Jean Sabourin, Pierre Tanguay, Némo Venba, Claude Vendette

La Fanfare Pourpour is a 17-member band that has existed in various forms for nearly 30 years. Its first incarnations was as L’Enfant Fort, a group that hit the streets of Montreal in the summer of 74. Their philosophy was simple: partying could be a form of activism! The band’s name has changed several times over the years but, aside from a few changes in instruments, the group has stayed the same. La Fanfare Pourpour has existed for nearly ten years now. The more the group performed, the more the idea of a popular ball took shape. And popular it turned out to be! In late 2003, La Fanfare Pourpour self-produced its second recording, entitled, appropriately enough, Le Bal.

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