Joseph Lefèvre

a.k.a. jocool.

Montreal based new media artist, Joseph Lefèvre holds a Master of Fine Arts and a Masters in Multimedia Communications from the University of Quebec at Montreal. He creates interactive and digital artwork in the form of installations, web art and deliver visual live performances. Among its projects include “Le café de l’abattoir”, ACM SIGGRAPH 1992, Dallas (USA), Traces and contrast, ISEA’95 Symposium, Montreal (QC), the Shaman’s Space, Prix Möbius Multimedia Quebec-Canada 2000, On the Riverside, Commission presented at Cyberart Bilbao festival and Experiencing the Sacred, National Museum of Fine Arts in Taiwan, (TW). Joseph Lefèvre is director of the artist residencies at the Society for art and technology (SAT) in Montreal (QC). He is co-founder of Mixsessions, a platform of expression for Electronic creators in audio and video. His style of VJing is innovative, colorful and very inventive. Each of his creations is a treat for the eyes of the public.

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