Photo: Caroline Hayeur

Isabelle Mandalian

Since 20 years, Isabelle Mandalian is working a thousand different ways in the production of theater, from music to publishing. She started in the music world, as a production director or coordinating tours for several companies and artists from the Quebec province. Her love for new forms of representation, from a strong tongue to the performance of marginal features, made Mandalian a theater freak. After two years of journalism for Voir, specializing in creative theater and for young people, Mandalian started to work in production, mainly in the Momentum collective, while making promotion for about 50 events and shows from several companies. Since more than 10 years, she is also working as an administrator and is leading the promotion for the publisher l’Oie de Cravan animated by Benoît Chaput who is specialized in poetry of all kinds. The words and the writing always were with her. She published a few short stories through out the years (Revue Stop, Moebius, Anthologie on Leméac) and wrote one text for the scene La Salope, ah! La vache (for the 1996 edition of the event Les Contes Urbains produced for the La Licorne Theater by Urbi and Orbi). In January 2009, Mandalian wrote her first novel (Un chien de ma chienne) and it was published under Coups de tête label (and it is considered for the Archambault award for new writers). Going forward slowly, but in obvious and diverse ways, Mandalian is now writing her second novel.

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