Photo: Roger Aziz

Krista Muir

“It all began when as a three year old I smashed the ivory keys on my dad’s piano with a glockenspiel mallet”. Krista Muir has been composing, recording, producing and touring her original music for over 9 years. As Lederhosen Lucil she released a number of independent singles and two full-length records and spent much of 2005 as on tour throughout Australia, New Zealand, Texas, and Europe. In March 2006 Krista became a published author with the release of The Joy of Hosen (Mudscout Media), a book that reflects her multi-disciplinary approach to music, costume design and performance. After falling for the baritone ukulele, Krista composed a whole new body of work that she recorded with friends Fembots and Shane Watt in 2007/2008. Leave Alight led to Accidental Railway, an imaginary city that is also her first concept album. Most recently Krista composed music for the film Les Signes Vitaux (Sophie Deraspe) and toured France/Greece (2009). After performing at the Cultural Olympiad this February, she will head back to the studio in 2010 to record a new album.

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