Catherine Tardif

Catherine Tardif is a choreographer and interpreter who is active on Montreal’s dance and theater scenes since the beginning of 1980. While focusing on her work as a performer, she danced for the ‘Fondation Jean Pierre Perreault’, ‘Carbone 14’, ‘Le Carré des Lombes’, ‘Cas Public’, as well as for ‘Fortier Danse Création’ and ‘Montréal Danse’, where she also acted as guest choreographer. Her choreographs have been featured in Europe, the United Sates as well as in Canada. She also collaborated on numerous works of theatre, such as co-creator and interpreter for ‘Ex Machina’, directed by Robert Lepage. In March 2001, she created ‘Et Marianne et Simon Company’, a society where she acts as artistic director and choreographer. Catherine Tardif was awarded a residency at Studio du Québec à Paris from July to December 2003. Since then, she performed for ‘Kondition pluriel’, a multimedia group of artists. In June 2007, she staged Glam, for the École Nationale de Cirque graduates which was showcased at the Tohu. Since Fall 2002, Catherine regularly teaches at the Université du Québec à Montréal.

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