Hodan Youssouf

Somalia-born Hodan Youssouf has been deaf since childhood. As the country lacked resources for deaf people, her parents decided to send her to France, along with her hearing siblings, where they claimed refugee status. In 1989, Hodan immigrated to Canada with her brothers and sisters. Today she is an active member of Montréal’s deaf community and has worked as an in-class aide to deaf students at École Gadbois for the past nine years. She participates in theatre activities, including an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet in American Sign Language in Toronto. She collaborated with Cinéall, an organization that develops creative and innovative solutions to communication to bridge the deaf and hearing worlds, to produce the feature films Un homme fou s’aspire and Souviens-toi… un dortoir. Hodan researches deaf music and played Aphrodite in the music video of Bernard Adamus’s “La part du diable.” A poet and actor, she has participated in a multitude of projects over the years, both in hearing and deaf communities as well as in Quebec and abroad. She performed in the bilingual LSQ/French play Traversée by Voyageurs Immobiles, cie. de création and in The Tempest at the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton. She has collaborated on the illumiNations Bible translation project (Philadelphia) and helped train performers for the signed music musical Black Drum at the Soulpepper Theatre in Toronto.

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