JF Nadeau and guests

8e combat contre la langue de bois

  • Cabaret du Mile End
    5240, avenue du Parc
    Wednesday October 24, 2012
    8:00 pm
  • With Paule Baillargeon, Jean Barbe, Yvan Bienvenue, Daniel Boucher, Lucien Francoeur, Michel Desautels, Yves Desautels, Nicole Lacelle, Anne Lagacé Dowson, Étienne Lepage, Jean-François Nadeau, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, Gilles Proulx, Ghislain Picard

    Musicians: Bernard Falaise, Frédéric Boudreault & Alexis Martin.

Hearing that the Festival Voix d’Amériques was to be transformed into Phénomena, many asked: “What about the Combat?” Of course, we will continue to organize our Combat contre la langue de bois, imitated by many, but matched by none! We would like to give those who have something to say—and the courage to do so—an opportunity to speak up. The Combat is a celebration of audacity and freedom of expression that gathers people who are fed up with rehashed speeches and rewound tapes. The fired up JF Nadeau, a man who does not mince his words, will host the event with an iron fist. Each combatant will have five minutes to fly in the face of the endemic babble… No debate, no rebuttal, nothing but the authentic. And in between an awesome house band to shake up the Cabaret du Mile End, the former Club Soda which still resonates with heartfelt words.