Les Ville-Laines

  • In the Mile-End neighbourhood
    October 19 to October 26, 2012

They are a group of five tightly knit young women. Equipped with wool, needles and measuring tape they assail the grey cityscape with touches of colour and texture. For Phénomena, they will stitch something special together! They will cover street furniture with knitwear, adorned with velvet, small objects and lace. Their handmade creations always catch the eye, bring a smile to the face and trigger discussion. The Ville-Laines appropriate public space to embellish it. Their art is driven by freedom of action and community spirit. Thanks to them, you will cast a new look on parking meters, lampposts and other common street objects we encounter daily but hardly ever notice. For a brief moment, our perception is altered and we are carried away by the magic of the Ville-Laines.