Music for Lamps

Music for Lamps

  • Champ des possibles
    Entrance on the West side (right after 5455, rue de Gaspé)
    5474, avenue Henri-Julien (angle du Laos)
    Sunday October 19, 2014
    7:00 pm

A performative installation created for an ensemble of household lamps

Each lamp is discreetly outfitted with a surface transducer speaker, turning the lamps into both light and sound emitters. Each lamp possesses its own “voice,” personality, and sonic character. The lamps are scattered throughout the audience, allowing spectators to sit and contemplate the performance or walk around and listen to the specific sounds of each lamp.

In case of rain, it’s at the atelier des Filles Électriques, 5445, rue de Gaspé (4 floor, #421).