Jackie Gallant

POD~the musical

  • La Sala Rossa
    4848, boulevard Saint-Laurent, 3e (près de l’angle Saint-Joseph)
    Saturday October 17, 2015
    9:00 pm
  • Concept, direction and video: Jackie Gallant. Choregraphy and direction: Sarah Wiliams. Music and lyrics: Jackie Gallant, Ingrid Wissink, Chantal Allard, Yan Basque, Dayna McLeod. Performers: Jackie Gallant, Ingrid Wissink, Chantal Allard, Ari Swan, Kate Erickson, Jessica Cohen, Jordi Rosen. Costume, makeup and staging: Jessica Cohen


Welcome to the new world. Humanity is contained within five massive pod structures separated by vast bodies of untraversable toxic water. Set in the sensorial wonderland of the Entertainment Pod, POD~the musical follows the journey of rising star Blistrid, loyal bandmate Menthol, pop icon SWAN, manufactured product Pippet Poppet and powerful entertainment manager Damon Sprawn.

Exploring age-old Faustian themes, POD~the musical is a dystopian pop opera set in the not too distant future; a future where entertainment managers hold supreme power and fame is the ultimate goal.