Les Filles électriques

Tango Fringe

  • Théâtre Rialto
    5723, avenue du Parc
    Thursday October 13, 2016
    8:00 pm
  • Artistic direction: D. Kimm. Projections: Caroline Hayeur. Lighting: Lucie Bazzo. Featuring: Mireille Painchaud, Erin Manning, Nancy Lavoie, Yannick Allen-Vuillet, Alejandro Villalobos, Arturo Oliva, Bobby Thompson, Astrid Weiske.

Dance and projections.

In a traditional tango, the man typically leads the woman. But today, more and more dancers are breaking the mould and switching roles. D. Kimm invites them to go even further by dancing to alternative musical selections.

The show will be followed by a special milonga, organised in collaboration with Corinne Krikorian and Michel Auzat, the masterminds behind the Rialto’s La Milonga du jeudi. The first tanda will feature teachers from various tango schools. An excellent opportunity for the audience to hang out and learn more about the tango—still quite a mysterious dance for novices.

Many thanks to Mr. Ezio Carosielli of the Rialto Theatre.