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Les Filles électriques takes Berlin

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Les Filles électriques took its first steps on the stages of Europe this summer with three shows presented in Berlin in June.

Its inter-disciplinary performance entitled “The Room of Wasted Steps” (Raum Der Verloren Scritte) was presented June 25th 2007 in the extraordinary Kesselhaus (the boiler house) of the KulturBrauerei, once a giant brewery complex now turned into a cultural centre. The show, created expressly the event, brought together performers Fortner Anderson, D.Kimm, Alexis O’Hara, Michel Vézina, as well as the dancer Luciane Pinto, and musicians Bernard Falaise and Michel F Coté. French VJ Frank Esposito scratched his video projections throughout the show.

This powerful show, which we hope to present to a Quebec public in the coming year, has a more theatrical approach than most of our previous productions. All of the artists remained on stage throughout the performance and each developed a character role, even when they were not the focus of attention. In this show, text, voice and music intertwined without any apparent hierarchy.

The four poet performers worked with their texts but also with their voices and their gestures, and always with the close collaboration of the musicians. During the show, D. Kimm and Alexis O’Hara also provided musical accompaniment while Fortner Anderson and Michel Vézina were imposing presences on-stage — they even went so far as to waltz together. The striking Brazilian dancer, Luciane Pinto, brought an intensity to the event which spoke as clearly as the texts while VJ Frank Esposito supported each nuance of the show with his images manipulated in real-time following the changes in the show’s rhythm and atmosphere.

The show was presented at the prestigious Berlin poetry festival, Poesiefestival Berlin 2007 which is organized by the Litteraturwerkstatt Berlin. This year the festival wanted to showcase Quebec poetry and it asked our artistic director, D. Kimm, to put together a inter-disciplinary show which presented the vitality of the Montreal cultural scene.

The show was co-produced by Les Filles électriques and the Poesiefestival Berlin. Les Filles électriques thanks the Quebec Arts Council and Montreal Arts Council for their support without which the project would not have been possible.

Also at the Poesiefestival Berlin, “Mankind”, the duo of D. Kimm and Alexis O’Hara, played on June 29th at the Poesieschau für Kinder before an audience of 200 twelve-year-old children. This duo, known for its “spoken-word” performances, was able to transcend the language barrier and gave a performance which both surprised and engaged the young audience.