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Electric Questions

Thursday, July 1, 2010

You may already know that Les Filles Électriques is getting ready to celebrate its tenth birthday and at the same time, that of the Festival Voix d’Amériques (FVA). Ten years of risk-taking, poetry-making, sassy shows and audience participation. But ten years is also a good time for taking stock, so we’re asking you to help.

We’d like to know more about how you perceive the FVA, and more about you, so here are a few questions to enlighten us. The easiest is to copy and paste the questions and your answers into an email and send it to

It’s not the most sophisticated market survey in town, but as you know, we’re imperfect very nice people who can only improve. The questions are straightforward and a bit naive. Please, be fresh with us! And sincere.

Sweet Little Survey

  • How long have you known about the FVA?
  • How did you discover it?
  • Have you invited friends to the FVA? If so, how many?
  • Where did you hear about it? In the papers (La Presse, le Devoir, Hour, Voir, Mirror, 24H), on the web, by word of mouth, telepathically, the voices in your head???
  • When you think about the FVA, what three words come to mind?
  • For you, is the FVA more poetry or more performance?
  • Your favourite moment at the FVA, out of all the shows since the beginning?
  • Have you ever had a breakthrough moment at the FVA? Falling in love, for example? Coming to a decision? Discovering a vocation? (This question is optional of course.)
  • Who would you like to see at the FVA? (Yeah, we know, Patti Smith, us too!)
  • Complete the following sentence: “If there were no FVA…” (Don’t exaggerate too much.)

As a reward for services rendered, we will draw a name from among our survey respondents to receive two tickets to our deliciously delightful Combat contre la langue de bois.

We look forward to hearing from you!