News Item

An Electric Director in New York

Thursday, July 1, 2010

As of July 5, D.Kimm will be in residence for six months at Quebec’s prestigious CALQ Studio in New York.

What will she be doing down there? Recharging her batteries; comparing, evaluating and questioning her work; being seduced, shaken up and inspired; learning, taking sides, meeting people; and of course, creating. In practical terms, she’ll be working on an English version of The Constant Bride, writing new texts, working on her next CD and writing a short film script. She’ll also do brief performances when the opportunity arises.

Dear Artists: If you’re planning a show in New York, let her know and she’ll get behind you. Dear Well-Connected Persons: If you know people, producers or artists in New York that D.Kimm should meet, please arrange an introduction. By the way, does anyone have a number for Patti Smith? Marcel Dzama? Joey Arias?

Of course, Les Filles Électriques and D.Kimm will continue to work on the 10th FVA, which promises to be especially festive. We’ll be back in August with more electrifying news on that event.

Have a great summer everyone!