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Call for Proposals

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The tenth annual Festival Voix d’Amériques takes place March 11-18, 2011 and we’re looking for proposals for our popular series, “5 à 7 band + poetry” and “Night Shifts”.

“5 à 7 band + poetry” operates a kind of chemical bond between emerging music groups and poets. Sometimes the band invites the poet, sometimes it’s the poet who invites the band. Either way, we try to create a unique encounter where performers feel free to lay everything on the line.

The “Night Shift” series ends the evening in wide-open, loose-jointed style. We always close with the Open Mic, but the first part of the show is changing in 2011. We’ll begin at 10 p.m. with a solo artist or group (music or performance) in a 45-minute slot. The Open Mic begins sooner (aahhhh) at 11 p.m. We’re looking for a unique sound, an adventurous spirit, and indocility. Could that be you?

A reminder that we”re still searching for a brave, ordinary/ extraordinary person to join our famous French-language soapbox event, Combat contre la langue de bois. You bring a good topic and some conviction; we give you five minutes and no right of reply (or apology either). Who’s it going to be?

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