News Item

New visual identity

Monday, September 13, 2010

Les Filles Électrique and the Festival Voix d’Amériques will soon be celebrating their 10th birthday and to mark the occasion, we felt that both the company and the Festival deserved a new look. We wanted a visual identity to match our artistic approach, one that had soul and presence. Which wasn’t easy; we had to think about it for a while. We worked with two respected partners known for their imagination and sensitivity.

René Donais, a printmaker of genius (we don’t hear enough about him), created the new “Fille électrique”. She’s from another era but always ahead of her time, light-footed yet she can take a stance, mysterious and thoughtful, ready to confront adversity and fight for all the electric girls in this world (and their friends, of course). Graphic designer Thomas Csano fine-tuned the figure and also created a new signature for the FVA, one worthy of its 10th anniversary.

It is with great pride that we present them to you! And this is just the beginning. We’re planning several more surprises in the coming months.