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Salon de la marginalité 2011

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Les Filles Électriques is preparing feverishly for the next Salon de la Marginalité, which runs February 4 and 5, 2011 in the basement of L’Église Saint-Denis. The Salon brings together outliers from every sector and is designed to rally artists and activists from the underground to generate a communal reflection. We begin with public consultations and then, during the Salon itself, we celebrate, network and present alternative and indie projects—from the arts world but also from social, environmental and political movements. The Salon de la Marginalité is The Underground in all its guises!

We’re creating a space for personal encounters featuring performances, speakers and roundtables as well as an exhibition area where groups and associations can set up their displays. We also have helpers to guide people as they explore the underground, making sure they connect with what’s happening.

The Salon idea came from the undocile minds of Les Filles Électriques and is art directed by Marie-Paule Grimaldi, but it will be shaped by a committee of “underground consultants” (!) with a broad range of experience. Under their guidance, we hope to initiate a cross-disciplinary reflection in order to find common ground on the issues inherent to marginality. From funding to distribution, just what qualifies as underground anyway?! What kind of shape is it in, in Montreal and Quebec generally? And this won’t be a fly-by-night event. We’ll record the discussions and make them available at the Salon and online.

Questions? Ideas you’d like to share? Want to get involved? Contact event coordinator Catherine Cormier-Larose at