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Festival Phénomena 2013 — Call for Proposals

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Deadline: March 15, 2013

We invite artists from all disciplines and backgrounds, experienced or emerging, to submit their projects for the 2013 and 2014 Phénomena Festival. Phénomena is for interdisciplinary, outsider, atypical artists, for the independents, for those who invent and search.

Our fields of interest

  • interdisciplinary, bold, innovative and essentially creative projects
  • independent, inventive anti-conformist productions and unusual approaches
  • artists who take risks, who call things into question, who search
  • potentially long-term shows that may evolve and be presented on future occasions
  • poetic, magical, fantastic and touching creations

We operate with small budgets and we like to work with people who have a DIY attitude. So much the better if you already have partners with other companies, festivals or disseminators Times are hard and we must pool the ressources of small budget creation.

We have four series that make it possible to accomodate a wide range of propositions

  • Conductive Bodies at 10 PM at the Casa del Popolo, a series based on performance, music and projections
  • Magnetic Fields, usually at 10 PM at La Sala Rossa, a series based on audacious shows which combine performance, projections, digital technologies, theatrical approaches and cabaret
  • Off Site, for atypical or outdoor events and installations, for unclassifiable, unconventional projects or ones which are presented for more than one evening in a venue outside of our usual circuit
  • In and around the Bain Saint-Michel, because yes! we’ve won and now have access to the Bain Saint-Michel, and we want to take up quarters there, to decorate it, to attract attention to it and increase its visibility. It is in this vein that we are seeking poetic and colourful installations, be they small or big, in the artisanal style of Méliès!

Our artistic vision

We are rooted in interdisciplinarity, which is not merely an accumulation of disciplines, but a way of doing things that takes us out of our comfort zones and encourages experimentation and the transgression of artistic norms.

We provide a platform for those who work in an artisanal manner. This may include shadow theatre, new magic, puppeteering, automatons, object theatre as well as digital artists who use objects in creative and unintended ways. Our source of inspiration is the great Georges Méliès, who dedicated his life to creating a fantastic world by doing everything himself: an inventor, film director, actor, stage director, decorator, magician and mechanic.

We are interested in poetry. The poetry of poets and of artists in every category, but also in the poetry of places, materials, techniques and installations. The goal is to offer hybrid, fantastic and eccentric creations, which nevertheless remain touching and authentic.

Please note: we do not present circus art or theatrical plays, nor burelsque pieces, as there are already several dissemination platforms for such productions. However, artists who come from the circus arts, theatre or the burlesque are all welcome if they wish to work in an interdisciplinary approach.

How to present your proposal

Your proposal must include a CV or a detailed biographic notice, the description of the project (2 pages maximum), in what context you want to present your work, what resources you already have secured, visual documentation of your work, and links to videos. This is neither a grant application nor a lottery. Projects must be written in French or English, though we welcome performances in all languages.

Please! Think things through on your end but also think of us. Please don’t send 40MB emails which will jam our inbox. Transfer you documents into PDF (freeware) files. Send us JPEG photos that are no bigger than 1MB (they are not intended for a print publication). Please avoid sending a 50 page manuscript (we are not a publishing house).

A pointer: be personal! That is what we are interested in. With whom have you worked, who has inspired you, what are your goals, what is your artistic process, what are your affinities with Phénomena. Sending us a form letter that you have already mailed to 50 festivals, like a message in a bottle, is not a good idea.

Our team will evaluate all projects with consideration and respect and we will personally contact everyone who will have submitted a well structured project. Your proposals must be received at the latest on March 15, 2013, either at our offices or by email, and addressed to the attention of:

D.Kimm, artistic director
Festival Phénomena
5143, boulevard Saint-Laurent
Montréal Qc H2T 1R9
T: 514-495-1515