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Festival Phénomena 2015 — Call for Projects

Monday, January 19, 2015

Deadline: March 1, 2015

Phénomena is a bilingual interdisciplinary festival that seeks to highlight innovative and unclassifiable artists. The festival presents whimsical acts, shadow theatre, performances with projections, object theatre, cabarets, happenings, performance dance, performance art, experimental music, and installations using both digital and analog technologies.

To check out a few of our exceptional artists and their work, view the Festival Phénomena 2014 (extracts) video:

Festival Phénomena 2014 — Excerpts

Our artistic vision

Guided by experimentation and risk-taking, Phénomena is interested in interdisciplinary and avant-garde artists, whether emerging or established, and young independent and nonconformist companies. We seek to present fanciful, unique hybrid creations that provide moving, authentic performances. The festival is also known for forging links between the Anglophone and Francophone communities.

Our fields of interest: interdisciplinary, bold, innovative and essentially creative projects; artists with a distinct approach, who take risks, who call things into question; potentially long-term shows that will continue to evolve and be presented on future occasions; poetic, magical, and whimsical creations. The theme of this year’s Phénomena will be Shadow and Light and we are especially interested in artists who work with shadow theatre, projections using dated technology (overhead projectors, slides, low-tech tools), and projects that combine digital and analog technology.

We operate on a small budget and we like to work with people who have a DIY attitude. Our greatest source of inspiration is Georges Méliès, who dedicated his life to creating a magical universe by doing everything himself: at once inventor, actor, director, decorator, illusionist, and mechanic.

Type of projects

You can choose to submit either 15-minute performance projects that can be included within a cabaret, 50-minute shows which can be part of shared performance evenings, or complete shows which can be presented for one or more evenings. We also have opportunities for outdoor performances in public spaces.

Our four series make it possible to accommodate a wide range of proposals:

  • Casa del Popolo is a series that focuses on performance, experimental music, and projections. Each evening consists of two 50-minute shows.
  • La Sala Rossa is a series that focuses on innovative shows combining elements of performance, projections, theatrics, object or shadow theatre, cabaret, dance, and music. The evenings offer either a series of 10-minute cabaret performances or consist of two 50-minute shows.
  • Off Site welcomes unconventional or unclassifiable events and installations to atypical outdoor spaces. This option is also for companies wishing to present their show for more than one evening in a venue outside of our usual circuit. Ideally, you already have confirmed a partnership; times are tough and the creative community must come together on a small budget.
  • Outdoor performances and public space interventions, mostly in the Mile-End neighbourhood.
  • In addition to our traditional Cabaret DADA, we are working on a family-friendly Cabaret DADA and are looking for 10-minute performances.

How to present your proposal

Your proposal must include a CV or a detailed biography, a project description (2 pages maximum), in what context you hope to present your work, which resources you have already secured, visual documentation of your work, and links to videos. We also want to know what motivates you to want to take part in this year’s Festival Phénomena. This is neither a grant application nor a lottery. Projects may be written in French or English and performed in any language.

Note: Think about your project, but also think of us. Avoid sending 40MB emails that will jam our inbox. Convert all documents into PDF files (freeware). Send all photos (1MB maximum — they will not be put into print) in JPEG format. Outline your project in a simple and concrete fashion.

A pointer: be personal! We like that. Include who you have worked with, who has inspired you, what your goals are, what your artistic process looks like, what this project means to you, and describe your relationship with Phénomena. Sending us a form letter that you have already mailed to 50 festivals is not a good idea.

All projects will be carefully considered and we will personally respond to each application received. Email all proposals by March 1, 2015 to:

D. Kimm
Artistic Director


Cécile Thomas
Executive Director