Jordan Arseneault


Jordan Arseneault (in his forth Festival Phénoma appearance), is an acolyte of (Regeneration, 2011), collaborator of artist Matthew-Robin Nye (Serocene, 2016), Earl Dax’s Weimar Cabaret (2017, w/ Alexis O’Hara, performingin a sung/lip-synched/instrumental and Artaudian bathic hybrid mode. The Dadaist “fold-in” technique led him to still-birth the character of “Jan Arneau” for Phénomena 2019. He’s performed in London, UK (at the Arbyte Gallery, 2017), La Mama Galleria and Joe’s Pub (New York City, 2017 and 2018), and is the co-founder of Montréal HIV positive direction action collective the SéroSyndicat. As of Fall, 2019, he has called Montréal home for longer than anywhere else. In his drag persona Peaches LePoz, he plays cello as well as he can and sings unexpectedly in public (RIDM, House of Laureen, Café Cléopatra, Sala Rossa, Studio 303’s Cabaret Tollé, yada Dada).

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