Jill Battson

Jill Battson is an internationally published poet and poetry activist. She was responsible for creating and running the successful poetry reading series ‘The Poets’ Refuge’ and has initiated and produced many poetry events including ‘The Poetry Express’ – a BYOV at Toronto’s Fringe Festival; ‘Liminal Sisters’ – a language poetry event; ‘The Festival of the Spoken Word’ – a five day spoken word festival; Fightin’ Words – poets in a boxing ring; ‘The Poetburo Slams’ and the very successful ‘Word Up’ – a series of interstitial poetry spots airing on MuchMusic and Bravo! which spawned a CD with Virgin Records and an anthology with Key Porter. She was the poetry editor for Insomniac Press from 1999 to 2001. Jill is currently the creative director for the Poet Bureau which produces ‘Red School House Poetry Primer’ poetry festival. Jill has been widely published in literary journals and anthologies in North America and the UK. Her first book ‘Hard Candy’ was received to great acclaim and nominated for the ‘Gerald Lampert Award’. She has written several plays and solo works, including ‘How I learned to live with obsession’ and ‘Ecce Homo’ – an enhanced monologue for dance and voice. She has also written the libretti for two short operas ‘Netsuke’ and ‘Ashlike on the Cradle of the Wind’ produced by Tapestry New Opera Works. Jill’s latest book of poems ‘Ashes are Bone and Dust’ was released in spring 2001.

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