Essaie Pas

Montréal based electronic duo, Essaie pas is composed of Marie Davidson and Pierre Guerineau.

Davidson, known for her critically acclaimed eponym solo project (Holodeck and Weyrd Son Rec.) also worked in bands such as Les Momies de Palerme (Constellation Rec.) and DKMD (Fur Trade Rec.). On his side, Guerineau is best known for his studio productions of artists like Dirty Beaches, Femminelli or Low Factor, and his remixes (Factory Floor, DFA Records).

Born during a hot summer night of 2010, Essaie pas offers a feverish atmosphere, a psych, dark and sexy sound, and a unique universe. Their musical language has been reffered to genres like Film Soundtracks, Electronic Body music, Disco or Minimal techno.

Delivered in a sensual tone, the lyrics, in French and in English, explore the themes of fantasies, wandering and contradictions.

Often reinventing their own songs and integrating improvisation, with a beautiful complicity and a magnetic presence on stage, they make every show a unique and fascinating experience.

In 2013, since Teenage Menopause Records released their first LP Nuit de noce, Essaie pas has been touring Europe playing in Fance, Germany, Sweeden, Italy, Spain and Netherlands. Back in Montréal, they shared bills with bands such as Factory Floor, Xeno & Oklander, Pharmakon, Automelodi and Femminielli Noir. They are now about to go on a second european tour, promoting their new split LP with Police des moeurs (Atelier Ciseaux Records).

Événements passés