Omar Alexis Ramos

Born in Mexico City, he studied communication, literature and dramaturgy in La SOGEM (General Society of Mexican Writers), El CUT (University Theatre Centre) and CETIS (Centre of Technology Studies). Omar won a national prize in short storytelling in 1992. He immigrated to Montréal in 1994, where he has participated in a variety of community and university plays, as well as television and film. Omar has been a theatre instructor for the Montréal School Board, working mainly with immigrants. In 2001 he was chosen to host Foco-Latino, the only Spanish information program on Montréal television, wich airs on CH-Montréal. Omar Alexis has organized different festivals and artistics shows, bringing attention to the cultural diversity on the Island of Montréal. This year, Omar directed the Canadian premiere of Rosa de Dos Aromas by Emilio Carballido. He’s also editor of Helios Magazine: Poetry and Art in English, French and Spanish.

Événements passés