John Sobol

John Sobol is an artist and cultural entrepreneur who grew up in Montréal and it is here that he first became intrigued by the power of the embodied poetic voice. He has been actively promoting contemporary oral poetries since first collaborating with Fortner Anderson on a poetry series at La Folie du Large back in 1989. Since leaving Montréal in 1991 he has performed around the world and worked with many of the most potent poets in the English language. From 1993 to 1998 he was a member of AWOL Love Vibe, one of Canada’s most adventurous and renowned Canadian poetic ensembles. His 4th book, Digitopia Blues? Race, Technology and the American Voice, was published by The Banff Centre Press in 2002. John Sobol is currently the co-curator of digifest, an annual festival of digital culture in Toronto.

Événements passés