Peter Trosztmer

A creator who is invested in work that is sensitive, deeply researched and physically realized. Many of his early and formative creations came about through his collaborations with dance artist Thea Patterson; together they researched and brought to performance the greater part of his most notable works. Jeremy Gordaneer, and Lois Brown were part of his close creative team for many years as well - strongly shaping and influencing his work. Some of his most notable contemporary influences included Kate Ward, Audree Juteau and Sonya Stefan. His work with local Dance Company Montreal Dance also played a great role in his development as an artist and performer. This by no means is a list of companies and persons he has worked for, but homage to the delicate early years of surviving dance as a young father. Peter has had a fortunate and fantastic career having had the privilege of meeting and sometimes even creating with too many great artists to mention here.

Peter, born between the Vietnam war, Elvis Presley, disco and a few years before the Sex Pistols. He comes from an Eastern European family of hands on do-it-yourselfers. This sensibility has infiltrated much of his works and continues to play a role in his methodologies. His current research includes fascia - intercellular communication and the healing of transgenerational trauma through dance and movement. As well his work with Zack Settel and Osman Zeki in remote experience through AR and VR.

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