Weirding Module

Weirding Module is former Wolf Eyes housemate and Violent Ramp bassist Michael Troutman’s solo project made during every available moment of time when he’s not cooking, eating, reading, or skateboarding. Probably some other verbs too. The music is a heady mix of synthesizers, modified drum machines, tape loops and homemade samples, heavily influenced by repetition, science fiction and psychedelia. Weirding Module’s public debut was an American Tapes bootleg cassette (AM333) for the 2004 Brooklyn, NY No Fun Festival. Releases on plastic formats, mostly cassettes, have followed on numerous labels. Weirding Module’s most recent release is _The Temple of Unbecoming_ on Senseless Empire subsidiary, Physical Things. Weirding Module has toured the US, Canada, Europe, Argentina and Chile and is currently based in Arakis, NY.

For Phenomena festival, Troutman will collaborate with his long time friend, video and music artist, Lindsay Karty, aka Viki. Karty is a Michigan native currently residing in Troy, NY. In the early 2000’s she began building sound devices from discarded electronics because she couldn’t afford a synthesizer. Since then she’s been a devout tinkerer, circuit bender, instrument builder, and sculptor taking found objects and mutating and animating them into new forms. As well as her numerous past and present musical projects, her art includes the "The Mothership and Mental Machine", an installation inspired by Detroit DJ, The Electrifying Mojo, an enigmatic local hero credited as influencing the birth of the Detroit techno sound. Karty presented the installation at Detroit’s 2012 Dlectricity event.

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