Wild Torus

Wild Torus is an evolving art cult, led by Vlady Voz Tokk (1979, Moscow) and Mág Ne Tá (1988, USA), who stage interactive performance/happenings within immersive digital installations. WT is the spiritual practice of post-religious, consumer society. WT creates shared, multi-sensory experiences, combining digital and physical means, in an effort invert pervasive cultural notions. WT’s collective happenings allow artists and audiences members, alike, to engender alternate realities where performance and art function on a Higher Level.

WT is based in Brooklyn, NY at __TORUS__PORTA (self-run). Since 2012, WT has performed in many NYC arts venues and alternative spaces, as well as in other US locations, Canada (Laboratoire Phénomena), and many European cities. WT has been featured in several publications, including New York Magazine, The Brooklyn Paper, and Hyperallergic.

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