Wives are an all woman performance based artist collective. Multi-taskers, we melt together embodied gesture, love song, video, drawing and analogue projection into fragile situational compositions. Having studied choreography at Concordia University, Wives met in Montreal and now maintain communication across distances in a slightly psychic realm involving dreams, thrift stores and heartache. Using an absurd craftiness we build dreamy visions in real time, often held together by a gesture, an object, an outfit, or a song. Since 2009, Wives have blended their new- age spirituality, hard-ass feminisms and aesthetic politics into analogue projection-dance-action performances Open Your Heart Willie and Love, Bear In Mind, and Lovesick Blues. Wives first performed Sea Foam Blue at the 33rd annual Rhubarb Festival in Toronto. In January of 2013, Wives hightailed it to the California desert to work on a series of performance videos, a docu-fantasy called Hopelessly Devoted, and are currently working on the mounting and editing in various forms of this work.

Événements passés

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