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Wednesday, February 27, 2002

2:30 pm

Round Table on Words & Music

This round-table brings together some of the city’s best known words & music practitioners

5:00 pm

5 à 7 — Open Mic: Poetry

Paula Belina and Larissa Andrusyshyn will perform and host an open mic showcase featuring new writers and performers. Poets and performers who want to participate can sign up between 4:30 and 5 PM. Max. 6 minutes.

8:00 pm


Set 1:
Patric Goddard
Laura Mitchell

Set 2:
Mia Brooks
Kaie Kellough

Set 3:
Mike Burns
Robert Seven-Crows (Bob Bourdon)


Set 1 — Theatre
Some of the medium’s most interesting experimenters show what happens when character, setting, monologue, dialogue and movement combine with the spoken word.

Set 2 — Emerging writers
Young writer/performers whose work has made a mark in the last year.

Set 3 — Storytelling
A centuries-old performance phenomenon currently being rediscovered and refitted for urban use. For many oral cultures storytelling is the primary literary medium.