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Vendredi 1 mars 2002


Round Table on Literature & New Media

A round-table on the role of language and performance as mediated by technology.


5 à 7 — Open Mic: Poetry Slam

  • Bob Loblaw
  • Johnny Cheesecake

Entrée libre

Bob Loblaw joins Johnny Cheesecake for an evening of competitive poetry. Performers have three minutes to strut their stuff and are judged by randomly chosen audience members on a scale of 1 to 10. Sign-up is from 4:30 to 5 PM and the winner takes home $50.



Set 1:
Fortner Anderson
Jake Brown
Mary Elizabeth Grace

Set 2:
Corey Frost
Victoria Stanton

Set 3:
Catherine Kidd & DJ Jack Beets
Ian Ferrier & Bryan Highbloom (sax)
Poetry/Jazz improv with musicians André Asselin (bass), Will Glass (drums) and Jesse Levine (keyboard)


Set 1 — Spoken
The core of the spoken word and slam traditions: a writer/performer alone on a stage with a microphone and an audience.

Set 2 — Multimedia
Language as translated into technologies other than the page and the stage: audio/video/Internet/CD-ROM.

Set 3 — Words & Music
Poetry and literature that lives in an environment of sounds and music.